What Can Brands Do During The Pandemic?

Coronavirus. It is impacting so many of us in ways that we never could have anticipated, and it is safe to say... it’s overwhelming.

Challenging times for brands too. Eventually lots of marketing activations need to be turned around as the world just has attention for one thing: COVID-19.

Then the question becomes what can Brands do? Whereas many experts say ''a brand needs to take a stand'', be aware that different stands can also backfire (with some that even got a Wikipage for their faux pas), and not to mention the risk of critique in times like the current.

Looking at some of the campaigns out there, that make McDonald split the arches and Coca-Cola tell consumers ''staying apart is the best way to stay united'', these brands definitely get a message across. Is it relevant? Probably Coca-Cola won't be the one convincing me to keep my social distance, but their message is nice and reminds me that Coca-Cola is nice too.

I think the ones that did the best moves, are definitely the ones that support consumers with free and relevant resources or even support pandemic response efforts.

Here are some of the ones I recently looked into

  • Headspace is offering access to its app (which normally runs $12.99 a month) for free to healthcare professionals

  • Breethe put together a Coronavirus Anxiety Package that offers meditations that cater specifically to the anxieties

  • Aaptiv gives Work-At-Home courses for free via Apple Podcasts and encourages users to ‘’Sweat Safely’’ 

  • Shine put together an entire toolkit website to manage Virus Anxiety together with Mental Health America

  • Talkspace offers free therapist led Facebook Support Group + developed a COVID Insta channel

  • Babylon created a COVID-ictionary and many more created a amazing amount of useful content

  • Nike encourages people to ‘’Play inside, Play for the World’’ (offering its Nike Training app premium features offered for free) and committed over $15 million to COVID-19 response efforts. (their campaign got endorsed by so many celebs, eventually they could have saved another couple of millions for the cause)

  • Pret a Manger gives 50% off all food and drinks to NHS workers in the UK

  • Heinz is committed to donate 12 million free breakfasts over the next 8 weeks to children who need them the most

  • Skillshare offers free, two-month Premium memberships for high school and college students age

Anything else that comes to mind? Please leave your thoughts below or send an email