Kick-ass Marketing Ladies You Should Follow

Time to shine - with so many great women in kick-ass marketing roles, it is worth taking a moment to look 'how they do it' and what we can learn from them.👇

Bozoma Saint John, redefining badassery also for Netflix

If you look at an Instagram profile such as Bozoma, there is no doubt that she knows how to market and brand - and this starting with her personal audience of 320k followers first. One of the few in the marketing world who have become a name beyond the company they work for.

After leading successful marketing roles at Pepsi and Apple, and less so successful ones at Uber and Endeavor (which were also partially related to each of the later company's cultural mess and PR scandals, by the time Bozoma held the role) - she is now set to turnaround the "N" of Netflix. Less known for its brand marketing, but more as a utility platform, Netflix has high ambitions to create more emotional connections as a brand with its users and move away from standalone 'show/film release ads'. This might be doable with a marketing budget of almost $3bn a year 😱 !

While nothing is known about the strategy just yet, Bozoma's previous work at Pepsi and Apple has been rooted in pop culture, something similar that can be expected for Netflix. >> Follow her in to keep track!

Shortly after having started her new role at Netflix, she had emergency surgery. But nothing would hold her back - documenting her recovery on her channel, and live-streaming lessons from the hospital bed... Yes, because besides holding a C-job at one of the hottest companies, she is also redefining badassery with her badassworkshop, and tells us how to negotiate for the next raise.

How badass! 💪

Product & Growth, take it both - Dun Wang from Calm

As if CPO or CGO weren't already ambitious roles by themselves, Dun has both under her belt 👀 .. and this for the world's first mental health unicorn - well, hoping that Dun's mental health remains balanced! 🙏

She joined the company in 2016 as a Director of Product, became VP of Product and Growth a year later, and was promoted to the Chief Product & Growth Officer, leading both the product and marketing teams, in 2018. In 2017, Calm was named Apple's 2017 App of the Year - product and personal growth 2-in-1; Dun knows how to do it right.

Unfortunately, she remains very much under the radar. There is little to find about her online; here is a short video interview - where she reveals that Calm's Baah Baah Land - 8hr video starring epic sheep, got the company over 1000 press mentions!

Just epic! 🐑

>>> You can find more cool marketing initiatives from Calm here.

Is Janine Pelosi advertising for Zoom's stock performance too?

And for all the ones that were thinking Zoom was hitting an all-time high towards the end of April, it managed to surprise investors big times! Janine's net worth is estimated at $70million as of mid-September this year, which might make her to one of the best-paid marketing profiles out there... bravo👏.

Whereas most marketers dream of user growth, Janine's dreams may work backward! With around 10 million daily meeting participants in December up to 300 million four months later, or a 3000% increase, she experienced what a high-growth company looks like. 📈

She and her team had to produce a tremendous amount of how-to videos and articles at scale to ensure the right default settings are in place for all these new use cases. With this immense company growth, her team's effort moved from being measured in quarters to days and even hours, so Janine in an interview with PRWeek.

And if that wasn't enough, she also needed to navigate company's most recent security and privacy issues - related to e.g. built-in attention-tracking features - many of which were due to all these new use cases and the platforms default settings.

All of this implies enormous responsibility. According to Janine, being transparent as a company "inside and out" helps users keep trust.

With so many users flocking onto the platform naturally, one of the best marketing initiatives, Zoom can do is giving their product for free - as they did for over 100,000 schools in 23 different countries or with brands like Dove on Mothers-day. Partnerships for virtual conferences and events, such as Oprah Winfrey's Free Virtual Wellness Tour, is another unique space for Zoom to operate in.

Finally, with such a high valuation, it is possible that the company will acquire another great one very soon - who knows where the virtual conference call space will be in some years from now, and Janine with it. 💸

From BlackRock to Beauty - Glossier with Ali Weiss

'You have to build a community' - how many times do marketers get told this lesson... well, often! And who would have thought that it was the woman from BlackRock showing us the way on how to? 👉

Since joining Glossier in 2015, after a career at BlackRock and an MBA, Ali Weiss (no relation to the CEO Emily) heads the company's marketing efforts. Leading a team of Product Marketing & Development, Brand Marketing, Performance Marketing, Customer Experience, and Stores - Ali Weiss has been at the forefront of developing a holistic marketing structure. Such a great team structure is key to giving all the Glossier users the best experience: connected throughout the entire user journey.

"We firmly believe that strategy ultimately leads to transactions," - Ali says when asked about how to balance brand and marketing performance. Known for experience first, business results second, Glossier managed to create a new of its kind beauty brand.

But it isn't only the experience - the community is another part, Glossier is leading by example. With a Slack channel of around 1.000 users, including its most engaged community members, Glossier knows how to listen to its audience and co-create products together with them. It's relatively rare to see such an active social media community and brand advocates being more than proud to be part of it. All of which is likely the result of genuinely caring about the audience you serve. 🤗 "At Glossier, our consumers are our true north," so Ali.

Whereas Glossier may have suffered during the pandemic due to the close-down of their stores, they definitely managed to stay relevant these last months by launching one of the fanciest hand creams, donating $500K and allocating $500K of grants to Black-owned businesses in response to BLM, and encourage their audience to register to vote ahead of November's elections.

Finally, it is also one of the only brands managing to produce SWAG - such as their famous hoody - you actually want to buy. That gives double points. 💯

One of the most desirable marketing roles - Dara Treseder of Peloton

Who wouldn't want to jump on a bike just by seeing this website >>> ❤️

For a long time, it was only for the ones with too large rooms to fill that bought an indoor cycle. Now with Peloton, even those with 50 sqm apartments, rethink their space to fit in a hip bike. Throughout the pandemic this trend accelerated, in June 2020, Peloton counted 3.1 million members. Cheaper bikes and new content is what the company promises to come next, and with this expected to change the entire fitness industry over the coming years.

Dara joins at the best moment in time: strong brand awareness and growth ahead - gold card . With her previous role as CMO at 3D-printing company Carbon, she is most likely well aware of how to market complex machines and, more importantly, going beyond that. "Motivating millions to stay active, centered, and connected — particularly during a time when it's most needed — is vitally important to our physical and mental well-being as a society." so Dara. Peloton has the opportunity to change millions of lives, which is happening for the foreseeable future indoors.

Partially still in a white space, new players such as Tonal and Mirror, and recently also Apple, may bring more competition along... will it be for the better? Fingers crossed for you, Dara! 🤞


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