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I'm Joelle, passionate about creating brands and products that consumers love and marketing that inspires. 


Over the past couple of years, I've worked in brand development, marketing, and product marketing in the global brand team of Dove, as one of the first marketing hires at Elvie (#1 British femtech startup), and most recently as Director of Brand Marketing at Flo Health (#1 health app for women globally with 40M monthly active users). 

Besides, I would describe myself as an activist hidden inside corporate. 

Purposeful work matters to me and is what gives me the excitement to wake up every day and be 100% dedicated to the work I do. With purpose I mean raising awareness around health education, working on products that make women's life easier, and using brand as a vehicle to change the conversation around stigmas that are meant to be broken.


Working both in corporate, implementing year-old processes, and start-ups, resetting the scene and trialling it ground up, made me realize that brands, as managed in corporate, are outdated, and brands, as managed in start-ups, miss rigour.


This blog is meant to bring everything closer together, and especially give tips and inspiration to those that are looking for them the most.